After he became the second man to walk on the moon, reporters asked Buzz Aldrin if he wished he had been the first.

“I really didn’t want that,” Buzz claimed, “because of the added heartache.”

Why is it so hard to believe him? A folk-rock fable for the runner-up in all of us, 1969: The Second Man explores competition and collective achievement through the story of one small man who became one giant myth.

Development History

In 2014, a workshop of 1969: The Second Man was presented at Ars Nova’s ANT Fest. The workshop was produced by David Manella, with a book by Simon De Carvalho and direction by Lilleth Glimcher.

In 2016, a concert of 1969: The Second Man was presented at Chinatown Soup, with generous support from Serena Berman and Jake Beckhard.

In winter 2018, a concert workshop of 1969: The Second Man was presented at The Tank. The workshop was produced by Madeleine Foster Bersin, with a book by Dan Giles. 

In summer 2018, 1969: The Second Man will have its world premiere at Next Door @ New York Theatre Workshop. It is produced by by Madeleine Foster Bersin, with a book by Dan Giles and direction by Jaki Bradley. 

Throughout its development, 1969: The Second Man has featured performers Mateus Falci, Ezra Lowrey, Seth Eliser, Lauren Wainwright, Paris Ellsworth, Andrew Chow, Ben Lorenz, Paul Castrigano, Caitlin Quinlan, Kyra Atekwana, Eli Kozminsky, and Jacob Brandt and the work of designers Daniel Prosky and Tarpley Hitt. 

1969: The Second Man's NYTW run was made possible with generous support from Will Arbery, Robert Aronowitz, Alona Bach, Hannah Berkowitz, Andrew Bernard, Jeremy Blocker, Adriana Bohmier, Joanna Brandt, Daniel Brandt, Josh Brandt, Anne Ciarlone, Ginna Doyle, Lisa Foster & Alan Bersin, Nancy & Marc Gertner, Kathy & Ralph Giles, Phil Gillen, Brian Gladstone, Douglas Goodhart, Kirsten Gould, Paul & Terry Guerin, Zack Guzman, Brianne Holland-Stergar, Bryan Kauder, Jerold Kayden, Anna Kelsey, Alexandra Lalonde, Thomas Laub, Megumi Lee, Elizabeth Leimkuhler, Ben Lorenz, Anna Lublina, Allen MacLeod, Mark Mauriello, Megan McDonnell, Brenna McDuffie, Kaitlyn & Matt McHugh, Cercie Miller, Benjamin Morris, John Morton, Jesse Nee-Vogelman, Rivka Nelson, Judith Paprin, Mariel Pettee, Peter & Beverly Philip, Charles Quittner, Eleanor Regan, Sam Richman, Emilio Seri, Jeffrey & Karen Silberman, Rachel & Derek Strum, Lelaina Vogel, Michael Walek, Roger Weiss, Mallory Weiss, Sofya Weitz, and Anonymous (2).